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Ok, this is one of those soppy messages that would not interest any of you but yet has to be said because I’m literally going insane.
Parents can really get under my skin sometimes. They are good, kind, funny and caring but sometimes I want them to let me go. I love them, but there are some parts that really annoys me. They know that I’m in the faze of “who the fuck am I really?” and I just wished they could’ be more supportive with my so called unusual decisions. I can honestly say that I’m very different from people I know, people who THINK they know me but actually don’t. I’m the most sensitive, honest, laidback, creative minded (dreams), straight forward but yet don’t want all the people to know everything about me because I’m quite sentimental. It’s a strange combo. And I just wish that my parents would appreciate the things I have done in the past so that I can move forward… its hard to explain exactly what I’m meaning… I just want the purest, honest life without feeling that my dreams are too weird or unusual. I want my parents to literally let me go and let me take care of the rest. Yes, becoming 20 within a few months is not glitter and unicorns coming our of the sky. Shit is becoming more serious these days… and I hate responsibilities. I hate the typical standard adult life that almost everybody follow. I want to do other things… cooler things. Something real, not waiting for the fucking printer. I hate that.
As I said, this is the soppiest post on tumblr history

Disney Divas for Vogue by Hayden Williams

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